Turkish post to deliver prisoners' letters from WWI

Published 16.03.2019 00:53

As part of a protocol signed between the Turkish Post and Telegraph Organization (PTT) and the Turkish Red Crescent, letters by captives and their acquaintances written from 1912 until the end of the Turkish War of Independence will be delivered to their families. The cooperation protocol was signed between the PTT and the Turkish Red Crescent. At the signing ceremony, PTT General Manager Kenan Bozgeyik said that cooperation between the two corporations would be recorded in the protocol.Since the PTT and the Turkish Red Crescent cooperate for the good of Turkey in case of war, peace and disaster without discrimination, Bozgeyik said, "To make our cooperation better and more helpful, we decided to sign a protocol." Bozgeyik noted that the Turkish Red Crescent will take part in this year's program and added, "Thus, we will release commemorative stamps and have an exhibition in addition to education cooperation." With regard to the delivery plan, Bozgeyik said, "In the context of the protocol signed between the PTT and the Turkish Red Crescent, 30,000 letters written by captives and their families from 1912 until the end of the War of Independence will be delivered by the PTT. Thus, we will cooperate as part of social responsibility projects."

Bozgeyik noted that 30,000 PTT personnel have donated blood to the Turkish Red Crescent since 2011 and they will go on doing so.

Turkish Red Crescent General Manager İbrahim Altan said that his institution has been active for 150 years and added, "As a result of the ongoing protocol signed in 2011, PTT personnel from the four corners of Turkey donate blood. When their donations reach a specific number, we will grant the PTT a gold medal."

Altan reiterated that 30,000 letters out of 309,000 captive letters will be delivered and thanked the PTT for contributing to the historical consciousness and helping families connect with their family roots. Altan concluded by saying that the PTT will support the compassion stamp series, which will be released on the 150th anniversary of the Turkish Red Crescent's establishment.

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