6 police officers arrested for allegations of torture

Published 27.11.2014 02:25
Updated 27.11.2014 09:53
6 police officers arrested for allegations of torture

Six officers of from Istanbul's town of Sultanbeyli were arrested late on Wednesday after allegations of the torture of a suspect who was called in for a summons. The suspect turned victim, Şerafettin Şimşek, went to the police station to pick up a summons issued to him by an Istanbul court.

Şimşek entered the station and saw two of his friends there and asked what they were doing. They replied that they had an altercation between them and the police were looking into the matter.

After Şimşek left the police station with the summons the police again called on Şimşek to help settle the dispute between his two friends. During this time an assault allegedly occurred on Şimşek. Afterward police apologized to Şimşek saying that they were mistaken with the identity of Şimşek.

However another assault occurred on Şimşek after recieving an apology. Şimşek is now in the hospital receiving treatment. An investigation has been opened against the six policemen who are in custody.

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