Female murder victim shares the fate of notorious femicide victim namesake

Published 27.04.2016 00:00
Updated 27.04.2016 15:01

A couple, who were living separately due to ongoing problems in their marriage, were murdered by the wife's brother on late Tuesday in Adana province.

Özgecan Arslan, 25, moved to her sister Ö.H.'s house in Adana with her 1.5 year-old daughter Merve two months ago following an argument with her 27-year-old husband Bekir Arslan.

Özgecan's brother D.H., who was convicted for murder in 2003 and released in March 2016, found out the couple were having problems and living separately; and asked Bekir Arslan to come from Antalya province to bring the couple together to solve their problems.

Bekir Arslan flew from Antalya to Adana on late Monday. While the couple was speaking at Ö.H.'s house, an argument broke out, and D.H. pulled out his gun and shot the couple dead. The assailant tried to escape, but soon was captured by police units.

The name similarity the wife Özgecan Arslan with 22-year-old student Özgecan Aslan, who was notoriously murdered in February 2015, also brought attention to the case. Aslan was brutally murdered for resisting a rape attempt, and the assailant was later joined by his father and a friend to get rid of the body and evidences by burning it. The case then sparked anger and grief throughout the country amid increasing numbers of violent acts against women and femicides, and brought the attention of the public to the problem.

In his statement to the police, D.H. said that he shot the couple as he got angry when the husband insulted his sister.

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