Murder reveals large-scale theft from evidence room

Published 07.06.2016 00:02
Updated 07.06.2016 00:03

A court clerk's scheme to sell drugs and goods confiscated by the courts backfired when he was discovered to have killed his alleged partner in crime with a gun he stole from the court's evidence room. Davut Mengir was found dead in his car in Istanbul's Kartal district on April 13. An investigation revealed he made a large number of phone calls to a man identified only as E.Ş.T., a civil servant working in the property and evidence room at a courthouse complex on Istanbul's Asian side.

Further investigation revealed that Mengir was the boyfriend of another clerk and met E.Ş.T. through her, and it was Mengir who asked E.Ş.T. to steal the confiscated material, ranging from gold bars to cellphones and drugs, from the evidence room safes. Mengir then sold them through his contacts. E.Ş.T. confessed he killed Mengir when the latter pressed him to continue with the thefts, as he was reluctant to do so due to increased inspections of the evidence room.

E.Ş.T. took a pistol from the evidence room and placed it back in the room after the murder. He was only caught due to his contact with the victim and a surveillance operation by police. E.Ş.T. was arrested while 20 people involved in the sale of stolen goods were released pending trial. Police also seized two cars Mengir bought for his girlfriend after the theft started from the evidence room months ago, along with a large cache of stolen items.

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