Manhunt targets FETÖ fugitives across the globe

Published 13.07.2018 21:43

Fighting the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ), which has roots all around the world that run far deeper than was thought is something that Turkey carries out as a central mission, particularly after the bloody coup that the group attempted and failed on July 15, 2016. The most senior names of the group are still wanted since the coup attempt and Turkish officials have carried out a series of arduous operations to capture and bring the Gülen-linked names back to Turkey for prosecution. The group's leader, Fetullah Gülen, is Turkey's most wanted terror suspect and he still lives at his Golden Generation retreat in Pennsylvania in the United States, as extradition talks with the U.S. officials still continue. Adil Öksüz, an "imam" or point man for FETÖ and the air force leader of Gülenists in the military, is another most wanted terrorist on the run.

However, Turkey monitors the activities of Gülenists in 160 countries and international efforts to bring members of the group to justice have been non-stop and are ongoing. Through an inquiry in cooperation with intelligence services, the Foreign Ministry has located 4,600 suspected members of the group in 110 countries, and until now more than 80 coup plotters from 18 countries have been brought back in a global manhunt. Kosovo was among those countries that performed a joint operation with Turkish intelligence services, and extradited six Gülenist executives in March, reducing the terrorist group's capabilities in the Balkan region. It was followed by three high-ranking FETÖ members with outstanding arrest warrants who were brought to Turkey from Gabon in April. The recent example of a significant blow to the group was struck last Thursday when two senior figures were captured and brought to Turkey from Azerbaijan and Ukraine


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