PKK terrorists reveal leaders’ sex abuse of female recruits in confessions to Turkish police

Published 20.02.2019 17:52
Updated 20.02.2019 17:54
Photo shows PKK's acting leader Murat Karayılan. (FILE Photo)
Photo shows PKK's acting leader Murat Karayılan. (FILE Photo)

Members of the PKK terrorist group who were captured by or surrendered to Turkish security forces have confessed that PKK ringleaders have been continuously sexually abusing the women and young girls they tricked into coming to their training camps while those who resist or try to escape have either been killed by the group or have committed suicide.

A PKK terrorist who was the guard of Murat Karayılan, the PKK's acting leader, confessed that there was a woman named Dilan who joined the terror group from Istanbul who then "killed herself after being raped by Karayılan."

In early November, the U.S. Department of State's Rewards for Justice Program authorized up to $12 million for information leading to the identification or location of three senior members of the PKK terrorist group.

Up to $5 million were offered for information on Karayılan, along with $4 million for Cemil Bayık and $3 million for Duran Kalkan.

Karayılan has been the PKK's acting leader ever since the organization's founder and leader, Abdullah Öcalan, was captured by Turkish security forces in 1999.

Another terrorist who confessed to security forces said that she was raped on her second night at the PKK camps in the Qandil Mountains of northern Iraq.

A terrorist identified as C.K. who was captured in 2018 said the so-called leaders of the PKK do not get any punishment and get away with what they do.

"Women are being sexually abused by the high-ranking members. There is no power to prevent it. There are many victims I know. These women have seen the ugly face of the organization and eventually escaped from the PKK," said another terrorist identified as K.A.

Such cases of sexual harassment and rape within the organization are not new. A female terrorist known as "Mardinli Rojin" (Rojin from Mardin) was raped by one of the high-ranking PKK leaders after she was sent to Syria in 1995 and was killed after being thrown into the Tigris River upon the order of Öcalan.

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