French cook: ‘Muslims cannot eat in this restaurant'

Published 28.08.2016 00:00
Updated 28.08.2016 18:22
Le Cénacle in Paris
Le Cénacle in Paris

Islamophobia in France, which has reached its highest level with the latest burkini ban, has now appeared in a restaurant in Paris.

A Muslim woman wearing a headscarf visited Le Cénacle restaurant in Paris on Sunday but was forced to leave by the cook, who labeled her a terrorist. The cook threatened the woman, telling her "I will put raticide in your meal".

A video of the incident, which was recorded by other customers in the restaurant, was released on social media. In it, the cook can be heard saying "Muslims cannot eat in this restaurant" and continuing with gross threats like - "I will put raticide in your meals if you (Muslims) continue coming to eat in this restaurant".

Muslim woman: We don't want to be served by racist people

Owner of the restaurant: Racists like me don't kill good people.

M: Did we plant a bomb, Sir?

O: Ma'am, terrorists are Muslims and all Muslims are terrorists. Analyze my words, you'll see that they're right

M: I don't have to analyze nonsense

O: I'm living in a laic country and this is my opinion

M: We also have the same right as you to have an opinion

O: I don't want people like you in my place, stop

M: Okay

O: You got it?

M: Yeah, I got it

O: It seems like you didn't understand. Now get out!"

M: But, it's necessary to state here that you don't want Muslims. If we knew it, we wouldn't have come here.

O: Now, you know it, get out.

M: Okay, we're leaving, don't worry

Then the Muslim woman calls someone

M (crying): Okay…Call the police…please don't come alone

France has been experiencing the most Islamophobic periods in its history. Debates over the issue have intensified following pictures circulated online in the past week showing a woman surrounded by four policemen being forced to remove her long-sleeved top on a beach in Nice.

Nice, which is on high alert following a deadly Daesh terrorist attack during Bastille Day celebrations in July, is one of the places in southern France where a burkini ban is now in place.

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