Surviving Dec. 10 twin bombings, security guard dies in Istanbul nightclub attack

Published 01.01.2017 12:57
Updated 01.01.2017 16:37

One of the 39 victims of Sunday's terror attack at an Istanbul nightclub had survived the twin bombings on Dec. 10, which killed 45 police officers and civilians in Istanbul's Beşiktaş district.

Security guard Fatih Çakmak was on duty at the Reina nightclub when a terrorist carrying hand grenades and an automatic rifle broke into the club. Çakmak was among the first victims of the attack.

Çakmak was also on duty at the stadium for the match between Turkish football clubs Beşiktaş and Bursaspor on Dec. 10 in Istanbul's Vodafone Arena.

Riot police officers, present at the area for the match, were targeted by PKK terrorists after the match ended.

A car bomb was detonated near police buses amid heavy traffic, while a suicide bomber detonated himself in the nearby Maçka Park despite police intervention. Some 37 police officers and eight civilians were killed in the attack.

Çakmak escaped the attack unharmed, but was killed 20 days later.

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