Parties compromise to keep Hakkari, Şırnak provinces

Published 19.08.2016 20:01

Following the failed July 15 coup attempt organized by the Gülenist Terror Gult (FETÖ), the atmosphere of consensus between the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and opposition parties continues. Upon the joint motion submitted by the four parties in the Parliament, the General Assembly on late Thursday scrapped part of an omnibus bill that included downgrading the province status to district status of the two southeastern provinces of Hakkari and Şırnak. Deputies from opposition parties applauded the cancellation of the decision concerning Hakkari and Şırnak, as the cancellation came from compromise between the four parties.

The Draft Law Supporting Investments on Project Basis, Changing Two City Centers and Amending Certain Law and Delegated Legislations meetings cancelled the rearrangements, which also included assigning new officials by the Interior Minister and the governor instead of the mayor, deputy chairman and assembly members whom were suspended due to charges of committing crimes related to terrorism, as well as renaming Şırnak and Hakkari Nuh and Çölemerik, respectively, while upgrading the Cizre and Yüksekova districts to provinces.

The 80 articles in the omnibus bill, including project-based incentive practices, special consumption tax-free vehicle for relatives of those killed in attacks, tax incentive for renewal of commercial vehicles and rearrangements concerning foundation universities were accepted in the General Assembly. The approved articles of the omnibus bill contain legislative changes concerning a variety of public institutions in education, administration and tourism as well as the privatization of the shares and holdings belonging to special budgeted administrations reported to the Directorate of Privatization Administration.

Both Hakkari and Şırnak have been a focal point of ongoing anti-terrorism operations launched by the Turkish Armed Forces to clear cities of the PKK presence, fill trenches, remove barricades and destroy explosives. The PKK, listed as a terrorist organization by the U.S. and the EU, resumed its nearly 40-year armed campaign against the Turkish state in July 2015.

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