Changes to state structure on way as part of adjustments for presidential system


A series of new adjustments related to the state structure are on their way to be implemented as part of the new presidential system.

There are two opinions regarding the change of state structure. The first is to transfer all the duties and authorizations of the prime minister to the president and the second is to establish a totally new system like countries with presidential systems. It is reported that the second view is more preferred by authorities in Ankara, which is why the state structures of the countries with presidential systems are being examined.

According to these systems, new offices will be established similar to those connected to the presidency such as the agriculture office, environment office and economy office in accordance with the duties of ministries. The decisions and offers presented by these offices will be their priorities.

A commission of 15 people has been established for the presidency. The main topic for the commission is to conceive a model that is able to make and execute decisions faster by reducing the number of ministries.

The unification and disillusion of some ministries is also part of this. Some of the 22 institutions connected to the Prime Ministry will be transferred to ministries. It is reported that the Prime Ministry Inspection Board will be transferred to the Presidential State Supervisory Council while the Counterterrorism High Committee and Undersecretaries of Public Order and Security will be transferred to the presidency.

It is expected that these proposed changes will be sent to Parliament alongside with the others. Yet, with the presidential authorization allowed with the last constitutional change, an important part of the legislation can also be done by presidential executive order after 2019.

In April 16, Turkey voted in a referendum to change to a presidential system and, since then, the reforms to adapt the state to the new system continue. The first elections in the new system will be held in 2019. After the 2019 elections, the post of prime minister will be abolished.

With the referendum, voters approved amendments to 18 articles of the country's existing Constitution, including the transition from a parliamentary governmental system to a presidential system.

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