Two presidential undersecretaries planned for new system

Published 02.05.2018 00:00

Two presidential undersecretaries are planned to strengthen the presidential post in the upcoming period, which are expected to be formed with the adjustment laws for the new executive presidential system.

According to reports in the media yesterday, adjustment laws committees established within the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) are working towards a stronger presidential structure. Two presidential undersecretaries are expected to be set up following the early presidential elections on June 24 with a statutory decree.

The undersecretaries will be given different tasks. While one of the undersecretaries will be tasked with administrative roles, the other one will work as a strategic undersecretary. The strategic undersecretary will be busy with issues ranging from foreign policy to economy to democratization and social policies. It will be expected from the strategic undersecretary to come up with and executive new projects in its field of responsibility. In addition, the new adjustment laws plan to gather all security units under one umbrella. Within this framework, all homeland security units will have been gathered under one ministry.

The government is planning to pass a two-month-long authority act before the Parliament goes into summer recess. By doing so the government will seek to make the urgent regulations until the adjustment laws for the new system are made. The government will reportedly have to make changes to around 1,000 laws.

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