All-day breakfast at Gakkı in Karaköy

All-day breakfast at Gakkı in Karaköy

ISTANBUL — Gakkı, a new breakfast café, has recently opened in Karaköy. The cafe may be small in size but you can rest assured that the view is tremendous and it is bound to leave a lasting impression. Gakkı, meaning egg in Turkish baby talk, has an all-day breakfast menu like no other. Serving the finest quality honey and butter from Trabzon, olives from Akçay and various flavored jams from Bolu, this breakfast heaven ensures all its meals are of exquisite quality. It is however most famous for its hıçın pastry.

Specific to the Caucasian Karaçay people, hıçın pastry contains mashed potatoes, cheese and cream and is served with sour cherry jam.

Also on their menu, Gakkı offers a selection of sandwiches such as beef steak, salmon and vegetarian. No breakfast is complete without something a little sweet and for those with a sweet tooth you cannot leave without trying the fig pudding decorated with walnuts. In fact, the fig pudding is reason enough to visit Gakkı.

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