Turkish teacher among top 50 list of Global Teacher Prize

Turkish teacher among top 50 list of Global Teacher Prize

Dilek Livaneli, who works as a teacher at Kumköy Elementary School in the Çarşamba district of Samsun, is among the best 50 teachers in the world that have been chosen by the Varkey GEMS Global Teacher Prize Committee, whose honorary chairman is former U.S. President Bill Clinton. Livaneli, who has achieved outstanding success, was named "Teacher of the Year" in 2012 and met Abdullah Gül, then president of Turkey. This year, Livaneli was recognized as one of the best teachers in the world and made the top 50 list of the Varkey GEMS Foundation's Global Teacher Prize. Livaneli stood out among 5,000 candidates from 127 countries and advanced to the finals with 300 successful teachers. Soon, the prize committee selected the Turkish teacher to be in the top 50. The successful teacher visited Çarşamba District Governor Caner Yıldız in his office where Yıldız congratulated Livaneli for her nomination. "I have been district governor for the last three years, and I have observed that Livaneli displays outstanding teaching performance. She creates a productive environment for learning and coordinates with children and their parents as well as other people around her," Yıldız said, adding, "Livaneli should be an example for every teacher in Turkey. Her global success is not a surprise. She was chosen as the best teacher in 2012 and represented Samsun in Ankara, and now she will represent our province and the country internationally. I thank her on behalf of the people of the Çarşamba district."

In her statement, Livaneli said she is happy and honored to represent village teachers internationally. "I entered this competition on my own. I have done nothing for money in my entire life. These things cannot be achieved unless you give all of your heart to your profession," the teacher noted, and added that she wishes to apply her award to projects that benefit education. "If I am among the best teachers in the world, I have to introduce unique projects when I win this prize. I expect support from everyone," Livaneli said.

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