New ‘Smartbed’ raises alarm when wet


A "smartbed" developed by two forestry engineer entrepreneurs, sounds an alarm when the bed contacts liquids.

Co-developer Özkan Ocak told an Anadolu Agency (AA) correspondent that since the furniture industry is beginning to place importance on smart products in addition to comfort, he and his colleague Zeki Candan invented the bed. "When a child or an elderly person wets his or her bed, the product alerts parents or caretakers with the help of a sensor," Ocak said. Thanks to the alarm system, the person lying on the bed is not exposed to the wet environment for too long. Moreover, the smart bed also features a LED lamp that activates automatically if there is a blackout and provides light.

"We will establish a company to produce this project," Candan said, and added that they have already submitted their patent application. "We intend to put the project's ideas into practice as soon as possible," he said. The inventors' target customers are daycare centers and hospitals. Exporting the smartbed to European countries is also planned.

The bed won third prize at the Second Research and Development Project Market, which was held by the Turkish Exporters' Assembly in Mersin.

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