Turkish mountaineer aims to climb top 14 peaks

Published 22.01.2015 01:17

Turkish mountain climber Tunç Fındık, who has climbed 10 out of the 14 mountains in the world are at least 8,000 meters high, aims to represent Turkey as part of the "14x8 Thousand Project," whose goal is to climb all of the 14 mountains. Only 22 mountaineers have achieved that goal, and if Fındık succeeds, he will be first Turk to do so.

Fındık said he would do his best to represent Turkey. Moreover, in order to reach his target, he will climb the Annapurna and Nanga Parbat mountains in the Himalayas, which are avalanche-prone and have caused many mountaineers to lose their lives.

The national mountaineer added that he most recently climbed Gasherbrum 2, located in Pakistan, which is the 12th highest mountain in the world. He added that he would climb Annapurna in Nepal in May, one of the most dangerous mountains in the world, and that he would end his journey in September.

Fındık highlighted that an icecap covers most of the mountain and that he will set up camps on certain parts of the mountain, which is 8,091 meters high. "It is a dangerous mountain and poses a serious risk for avalanches. That's why it requires technical climbing. These mountains have thousands of meters of ice routes. Then, I plan to climb Nanga Parbat in Pakistan, which means I have a target of climbing two 8,000 meter-high mountains this year," Fındık said.

Adding that he has climbed Mount Everest two times, Fındık said, "There are 14 mountains higher than 8,000 meters in the world. It is important to climb all of them because only 35 people from 15 different nations have tried to do so. Thus, it has become a national project in some sense for me."

Fındık emphasized that he is approaching his target step by step and that the aforementioned project has a considerable number of followers.

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