Turkey’s elderly population reaches 5.5 million


According to the 2013 Income and Living Conditions Study conducted by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK), 5.5 million people in the country's regular civilian population is composed of elderly individuals – those who are 65 or older. The rate of those individuals who live alone is 16 percent, where 78 percent of those who live alone are women while 22 percent are men.

Among the elderly, 0.7 percent considered their general state of health as being very good, 17.8 percent considered it good and 39.1 percent considered it neither good nor bad; however, 35.7 percent considered it bad and 6.8 percent considered it very bad.

According to the poverty line, determined by considering 60 percent of usable median household income, the poverty rate in Turkey as of 2013 is 22.4 percent while it is 17.9 percent among the elderly.

While the poverty rate among the elderly population in 28 EU member countries is 13.8 percent, Iceland has the lowest poverty rate in this age group with 4 percent followed by Hungary and the Netherlands. At 29.5 percent, Switzerland has the highest poverty rate among the elderly in Europe followed by Bulgaria and Estonia.

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