Turkish Airlines offers music onboard to relax passengers

Published 02.06.2015 23:06
Updated 02.06.2015 23:09

Turkish Airlines (THY) plans to make its passengers feel safe and happy by playing exclusive compositions during their flights, starting from June 1. Cellist Uğur Işık, who composed the compositions for THY, told Anadolu Agency (AA) correspondent that he would be glad to hear the melodies on which he worked on for six months for the planes.

Informing that he began working on the compositions upon the request of Hamdi Topçu, former board chairman of THY, Işık said, "When we received such an important request from one of the most valuable companies of Turkey, we undertook this duty; however, it was a great responsibility." He said they agreed on the type of the music that will be played on board during the first meeting held with the THY and stressed they worked hard to create music that will make passengers feel happier, safer and more peaceful.

Saying that they studied all melodies authentic to Anatolia besides classical music, Işık continued, "We had to compose something that blends, classical acoustic music, electronic, world and folk music. We were expected to present music that belongs to "Lounge" genre as it is relaxing." He said that relaxing music is used in indoor spaces such as elevators and hotels. "You cannot listen to that kind of music with earphones; as a matter of fact, you should not listen to it at your house. This kind of music should be listened to in uncomfortable places. It soothes people, and gives them peace and happiness while taking their minds off the uncomfortable atmosphere. That is why I listened to all music that is used during the boarding of the planes."

Moreover, musician Işık drew attention to the importance of the boarding music. He said passengers should feel comfortable and be able to relieve their stress during flights and that entering a closed area and dealing with luggage is adversity for passengers. "Some passengers might have a fear of flying, heights or even claustrophobia. Music is an important tool to get over these fears," Işık said.

Işık also said, "Relaxing music usually has a western music background" and said they decided upon a melody that symbolizes the flying of a goose after eliminating hundreds of other candidates. Pointing out that the goose is also featured on the logo of THY, he said, "It was a brilliant idea. The goose is a bird, which flies across continents. Children also love it. While we were working on the music, we tested it on a people." Işık said he had children and his disabled friends listen to the music, adding, they did not feel any discomfort. He concluded by saying the music features different combinations and it lasts for almost 40 minutes.

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