NBA 16 uses song from Turkish comedy classic 'Kibar Feyzo' in its soundtrack

Published 18.06.2015 01:56

Many Turkish gamers went into a frenzy on social media after hearing a familiar melody in the promotion video of NBA Live 16 released on EA's official account.

EA Games surprised its Turkish fans by using famous Turkish rock singer Cem Karaca's song "Obur Dünya"(Greedy World) as the background music of its much-awaited game NBA Live 16 in the promotion video which was released on Wednesday.

The song "Obur Dünya" is probably best known as the soundtrack of 1978 film "Kibar Feyzo"(Gentle Feyzo)-an epitome of classic Turkish humour- starring legendary comedy actor Kemal Sunal.

The song which was written and composed by Muhlis Akarsu is still remembered after years and widely known as the song of "Kibar Feyzo" .

The Turkish song "Obur Dünya"s melody is modernized and blended with rap music in the NBA game promotion video.

Unfortunately, gamers will have to wait for the game's release on 29 September 2015 to hear the full melody.

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