Romanian company hires cat as new ‘Boss’

Published 20.06.2015 23:33

A communication company in Romania has hired a lucky cat as their new manager.

Having the perfect name for the position, a cat named 'Boss' gets dropped off at the office every day and has quite an impressive salary of about 150 Euros a month with an additional 50 Euros worth of in-office cat treats.

The nine-month-old gray Scottish Fold male was chosen by Catbox based in Bucharest, beating 700 other cats vying for the same job in an internet contest.

After months of search for the perfect cat "Boss pit the other applicants to the post thanks to his one highly desirable trait: laziness." stated the Belfast Telegraph.

Besides leading staff meetings and attending lunch breaks, Mr. Boss will also star in all of the company's adverts and his paw print will be on the company's gift boxes.

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