39 million log on to Facebook in Turkey daily

Published 07.09.2015 00:00
Updated 07.09.2015 01:44

Facebook's Product Manager Zack Hendlin and his team have recently visited Turkey and convened with Turkey-based local entrepreneurs as well as contributors operating in various fields from e-bills to online payment systems, game, smart houses and travel. Following their visit, Facebook announced its second quarter usage statistics for 2015, which also includes data about the Facebook users in Turkey.

As of June 2015, the number of daily Facebook users increased 17 percent, reaching 968 million people worldwide. The report also indicated that 65 percent of monthly Facebook users have begun to log on to the social media site on daily basis. Moreover, the number of Facebook users who use their mobile devices to log on increased 29 percent and reached 844 million.

The number of monthly Facebook users also increased to 1.49 billion with a 13 percent rise, which is nearly the half of the number of Internet users across the globe.

Thirty-nine million people in Turkey use Facebook on a monthly basis. One in two Turkish people has a Facebook account, with 85 percent of Facebook users in Turkey using their mobile devices to log on to the site.

According to the report, people around the world spend approximately 46 minutes on Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram every day. Sixty-five percent of Facebook users log on to the site more than once in a single day.

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