Environmental NGO strives to foster green areas in Istanbul

Published 09.11.2015 21:02

Two-thousand saplings will be planted in Istanbul's 92 Ormanı through initiatives of the Foundation for the Protection and Promotion of the Environment and Cultural Heritage (ÇEKÜL). As part of the environmental campaign "Benim İzim Benim İmzam" (My Trace, My Signature), more saplings are planned to be planted in the forest, which was established in Kavacık in 1992. To create more green areas around the city, some 100 saplings were planted in the forest previously with the participation of 22,000 Istanbulites. The foundation's newest campaign accepts donations through SMS. There are also 150 students from different schools participating in the event. Professor Metin Sözen of the ÇEKÜL Foundation said the organizations have actively worked in environmental campaigns for the last 25 years. "Without forests, there would be no humankind or culture," he said. Stressing that citizens should make efforts to protect Istanbul's natural heritage, Sözen said the samplings planted years ago now add beauty to the area. "We should advocate environmental rights and leave a green world to our children. This is why we gathered at this forest. Years ago we left our trace here and now we will plant more trees and protect our city," Sözen said. "More children interact with soil while planting trees. They feel themselves responsible for the environment now," said Yeşim Dizdaroğlu, the general manager of ÇEKÜL Foundation. Founded by a group of intellectuals and academics in 1990, the foundation aims to foster and raise consciousness of nationwide awareness and networks for the preservation of the urban and rural, built and natural environments.

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