Men spend more than women on Valentine's Day


Ahead of Valentine's Day, marketing research company DORinsight released a survey indicating consumer trends, and to no one's surprise, Turkish men spend more than women for Valentine's Day gifts.

The survey was conducted between Jan. 15 and Jan. 19, and polled almost 8,000 people. The most popular Valentine's Day gifts are clothes, jewelry, perfume, clocks, shoes and travel plans, respectively. Almost 70 percent of the participants said they will buy a present, while 5 percent said they are not willing to buy any gifts. The survey has also demonstrated how much money the participants plan to spend on Valentine's Day gifts.

While men plan to spend almost TL 300 ($101.70) on gifts, women plan to spend around TL 220 on gifts. Around 40 percent of the male participants said they budgeted TL 250 for Valentine Day's gifts, while only 27 percent of female participants indicated they budgeted that amount. Another finding is that more than 91 of the participants purchase gifts online.

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