Mediterranean region hosts cyclists from around the world

Published 13.04.2016 22:07

The second Mersin International Bicycle Tour kicks off today and continues through April 17 with contributions from the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality and under the auspices of the Mersin Governorate. This year, more than 100 athletes from eight countries, including Turkey, Latvia, the Netherlands, Kosovo, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Dubai and Lithuania, will cycle in 10 teams in the international bicycle tour.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz held a press meeting prior to the start and said that they have an obligation to represent and promote Mersin, which has been home to numerous civilizations, in the best way possible. He underscored that cycling organizations have become prominent worldwide and said: "The tournament will start in different districts of our city, and the natural beauty of Mersin will be promoted by broadcasts all over the world. People will admire our history, while cyclists pass through Anamur's archaeological sites, witness Silifke Castle's amazing scenery, smell the algae in Kızkalesi and feel the energy of the sun. While cyclists try to complete the tour, people watching the event on TV will see the natural beauties of Mersin." In attendance at the press meeting were Mersin Deputy Governor Ogün Bahadır, Cycling Federation of Turkey supervisory board member Fahri Durmuş, Directorate General Assistant Director of Youth Services and Sport in Mersin Ahmet Tarakçı and Latin musician Gatto Gabriel.

Today, the first lap of the second Mersin International Bicycle Tour starts in Ören, Anamur, and finishes in Gülnar Yanışlı. Tomorrow, the tour continues from Gülnar Yanışlı and finishes in Mersin Özgecan Peace Square. On the last day of the tour, April 17, the cyclists take off from Mersin Özgecan Peace Square, turn in Toroslar Soğucak and return to the square for the finish. Renowned Latin musician Gabriel performs April 15, 16 and 17 in Özgecan Peace Square, while Mersin University's Step Team and the Dance Sports Federation's Mersin dancers liven up the four-day event with performances.

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