Turkey's first holographic zoo opens in Tuzla

Published 06.06.2016 00:34

Tuzla Municipality has started a unique project bringing together extinct and living animal species. Designed at the Tuzla Municipality's Şelale Park, the structure, originally inspired by Noah's Ark, has been turned into a unique zoo that features over 50 animals via hologram technology. Turkey's first "Holographic Zoo" came to life with one of the most popular technologies in the field, the "Free Format Hologram System." More than 50 animals - extinct and living - from different parts of the world are displayed in their original sizes in the structure.

Reflected in their natural habitats, the animals take visitors on an adventure beyond their wildest imaginations into a magical world of holograms. The zoo features representations of penguins in Antarctica, polar bears in the glaciers, an African lion, the western peninsula's strongest cat jaguar, a golden-headed langur from Vietnam, reindeer from Northern Europe, seagulls flying over seas, rose-water flamingos and an anteater pangolin. There is also a chameleon, gazelle, rhino, gorilla, extinct mammoth and others. Many of the animals are so close that you can reach out to them, hear and feel them.

Turkey's first and only holographic zoo also has educational and instructive information at Noah's Ark HoloZoo. The Holographic Zoo, owned and patented by the Tuzla Municipality, opened its gates in the district as a unique technological project proving the majesty of nature.

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