Uber launches pet-friendly vehicles in Istanbul

Published 13.06.2016 00:05
Updated 13.06.2016 00:06

The ride-hailing service Uber has unveiled a pet-friendly service, "uberPET," for pet owners, which was launched in Istanbul last week. The pet-friendly Uber vehicles have been specifically designed and equipped for animals, with a kit including seat covers, pet hair cleaners and wet wipes.

All uberPET requests must include a pet on board and all animals must be accompanied by their owner.

The service will be tested for three months and managed in line with feedback. Depending on the results Uber will decide whether to continue the service or not. The Uber Turkey team expects high demand over weekends as pet owners will be able to travel easily with their pets by using the service. UberPET offers an app that connects drivers with passengers based on GPS coordinates. Both passengers and drivers are rated after each trip on a scale from one to five.

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