Historic building restored to be Istanbul's new cartoon house

Published 13.06.2016 19:07
Updated 13.06.2016 19:19

A historic house in Istanbul's Kadıköy district is being restored and re-purposed as a "Cartoon House." Located across from the Kadıköy Municipality Building, the wooden house, which belongs to the municipality, is currently under renovation. Metin Peker, the president of the Cartoonists Association, said to an Istanbul-based newsletter that the association and the municipality have signed a protocol of 15 items and they plan to use the building to host cartoon-drawing courses, local and international exhibitions and panel sessions.

"Our main objective is to introduce the art of cartooning to children, young people and the masses. If we make children love cartoons, we will accomplish the major part of our task," Peker said.

The workshops that will be hosted at Cartoon House will be set and scheduled by veteran cartoonist. The house, which specifically aims to introduce humor to children, will put 10 original cartoons by the Cartoonists Association on display. Children will be categorized according to their age groups and will also have a chance to attend cartoon courses taught by veteran cartoonists of the association. National and international cartoon competitions, panel sessions focusing on cartoons and humor, national and international exhibitions overseen by cartoonists and indoor and outdoor exhibitions displaying the works of children and adolescents will be held at Cartoon House. Residents of the Kadıköy district are said to be "very pleased" by the renovation of the old house and having the house in their district.

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