Traditional cloth focus of Şile festival

Published 03.08.2016 00:26
Updated 03.08.2016 00:33
Traditional cloth focus of Şile festival

Knotted with the utmost care for centuries, "şile cloth," a very thin, slight, transparent cloth generally made of a fabric resembling silk or cotton gauze, is the star of a newly launched Şile Bezi Handcraft Festival. The festival, which opens its doors to visitors on Aug. 9, is organized by the Şile Municipality to introduce şile cloth to the world.

The Şile Bezi Handcraft Festival will host numerous artisans from all over Anatolia who are involved in various handcrafts from calligraphy to marbling for six days. Moreover, the festival will display and sell the local handicrafts of more than 25 artisans from 10 different countries including Belarus, Ukraine, Crimea, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Kirghizstan, Hungary, Uzbekistan, Tatarstan and Georgia, aiming to lead intercultural dialogues through art. The festival, which will be the meeting point of artisans from various provinces of Anatolia, will be open from 5 p.m. to 12 a.m. until Aug. 14.

Throughout the organization, centuries old motifs that have been imprinted on şile cloth, 100-year-old attires, quilts and scarves will be showcased at the exhibition venue. Şile cloth, which serves as a bridge between past lifestyles and the present day, is a tool that reveals joy, sadness, longing and artistic creation.

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