Noisy eating of colleague reason to quit work


Munching loudly during lunch at the workplace has been revealed as the top distraction for workers, a new survey shows. Commissioned by Samsung Electronics in the U.K., the survey interviewed around 1,000 workers at businesses with less than 250 employees.

While eating noisily is one of the most annoying work habits, the survey has also revealed some other interesting data such as distressing habits that cost the average worker 22 minutes a day. According to the BBC, technical problems are the next main distraction. A significant part of the surveyed workers (around 92 percent) reported that crashing computers or slow internet greatly annoyed them. This is followed by the office temperature as 82 percent said working in a too hot or too cold office is another frustration. "In total, irritations involving colleagues, IT problems and workplace issues resulted in workers wasting five-and-a-half hours a week, Samsung suggests," the article reported.

Some workers even go further and quit due to their colleagues' annoyances. While one-third of the surveyed said they quit a job because of an irritating co-worker, around 10 percent left for technological problems. According to survey data, these annoyances result in 70 working days a year being unproductive and around six hours weekly.

When categorized, crashing computers, slow internet and no access to emails are the biggest annoyances for the technology category. Uncomfortable seats and a messy workplace also affect a worker's productivity, the survey further demonstrated.

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