Turk innovators find home at Yıldız Teknokent

Published 19.03.2017 22:06
Updated 19.03.2017 22:08

Turks are known for their practical ideas and inventions utilizing the little they have around them, so much so that 34 out of 100 people in Turkey think up ideas for a technological venture, revealed Mesut Güner, General Manager at Yıldız Technical University's Teknokent (Techno Park) in Istanbul.

Offering a suitable environment for Turkish entrepreneurs to allow them to realize and develop their ideas, Yıldız Technical University's Technokent invites wannabe entrepreneurs to its facility, where they can work on their ideas free of charge. It also offers high speed internet and necessary technical infrastructure for people to use with while at work.

Erkan Bostancı, a mechanical engineer is one of the entrepreneurs whose idea has materialized thanks to the opportunities provided by Yıldız Teknokent. Bostancı and his friends, while they were still university students, founded a company and began to work on a project called "Drive Tracking System." The project then got backing of Yıldız Teknokent in Bostancı and his team succeeded in monitoring the drivers and their driving habits.

Another entrepreneur, metallurgy and product engineer Fatih Erdolmuş also carried out the research and development phase of his project at Yıldız Teknokent. His invention is focuses on product repair, which increases the cost of production at factories.

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