Book Giving Day spreads love of reading

Published 03.04.2017 22:31
Updated 03.04.2017 22:32

Although there are many ways to cheer people up, the most common way is giving gifts. In accordance to the positive effect of gift giving, every year people are encouraged to gift books to celebrate Book Giving Day. This year, the events related to this important day are supported by the Turkey-based NGO Book for Everyone Foundation and the Turkish Publishers Association. As part of the organization, people in Turkey will be encouraged to give books to their loved ones, as well as to strangers.

With the motto "From Me to You," the events will be supported on social media platforms with the hashtags "#frommetoyou" and "#youcometomymind." Famous and influential people will be sharing stories and videos using the hashtags on their social media accounts. In addition, the footballers of the Turkish football club, Beşiktaş, will run onto the field holding the banner "#BendenSana KİTAP En Güzel Hediye" ("#FrommetoYou a BOOK is the best gift") and will give books to the fans. On April 9, the Book for Everyone Foundation and the Turkish Publishers Association will also organize an event for children at Trump Towers in Istanbul and erect a "book tree" from which the children will be able to "pick" books.

The aim of the day is to make books available to everybody. In fact, the organization targets people of every age and plans to encourage people to read more.

Speaking to the press, the funding president of the Book for Everyone Foundation, Bülent Şenver, said their main goal is to encourage people to gift books to others. "Books are the most valuable presents. We are celebrating Book Giving Day for the second time, and are asking people to gift books to others whether they know them or not. We want people to support the organization to increase the number of people who love reading books."

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