Turkish labor ministry award promotes gender equality

Published 05.04.2017 00:47
Updated 05.04.2017 00:48

The Labor and Social Security Ministry will continue to receive applications for the "Social Gender Equality in Work Life Award" until April 15. The award, which is presented by the ministry to workplaces every year, aims to raise awareness and create social awareness on issues related to gender equality in the workplace as well as in social life.

According to the written statement released by the ministry, the award, which is presented as part of the projects carried out by the Labor and Social Security General Directorate, targets all segments of society and targets employers and encourages them to give importance to gender equality in their workplaces.

The applications for the award can be submitted to the ministry in person or the application form can be sent to the ministry headquarters via mail. The winners will be announced by the ministry and the award ceremony is to take place at a later date. For further information, you can visit www.csgb.gov.tr, the official web page of the Labor and Social Security Ministry.

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