Despite rising trend of online shopping, Turks still favor malls

Published 18.04.2017 00:33
Updated 18.04.2017 00:34
Despite rising trend of online shopping, Turks still favor malls

The results of the Turkey Shopping Mall Consumer Perception Research project have been released, with figures showing Turkish people still spend a lot of time at shopping malls.

The Turks have been familiar with the concept of shopping malls since 1461 with the Grand Bazaar, which still operates in Istanbul. For most, shopping malls are not just places where you shop but also socialize. One in every two people go to shopping malls to meet with their acquaintances. Although online shopping is a rising trend, the research suggests that people check out the goods they want to buy online but still prefer to buy them at the stores in person.

The research claims that 80 percent of the shopping mall goers have never shopped online. The location of the shopping malls and the brands they host play important roles in people's decisions as well. Most people go to shopping malls to purchase footwear and clothes. However, not everybody is happy with the atmosphere in the shopping malls. While people are happy to find all the brands and their needs under the same roof, they complain about the crowds, the excessive noise and the fact that shopping malls encourage people to spend more than they need to.

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