Follow your mood: App guides you to travel based on your emotions

Published 27.04.2017 01:30
Updated 27.04.2017 01:31

The "CheckFeel" mobile application, which shows the intensity of emotions shared by people on social media by grouping them on a map, provides a choice to those who want to make their travel preferences according to their mood

Inspired by Rumi's famous quote "Not the ones speaking the same language, but the ones sharing the same feeling understand each other", the psychological mobile application "CheckFeel" was created with the thought that every place has a spirit while each spirit has a place that can please them.

Therefore, according to the emotional intensity atlas made up of the average of location-based emotion shares of individuals, the project aims to launch "emotional tourism" in the places that best reflect the emotions that people want to feel. By acquiring awareness with the emotional backgrounds of people and places, it is aimed to establish a sharing bridge between happy people and happy cities.

Mental Health Association President Asst. Prof Dr. Ömer Akgül told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they realized the project in all mobile applications.

Suggesting that some shares function as a travel guide thanks to the internet now fitting in the palm of a hand and social media which is seen as the leader of opinion, Akgül noted that the souls of places as well as their material features are also important.

Expressing their desire to make an emotional mapping on this basis, Akgül said, "Accordingly, people share their feelings in the places they are in. For example, people share the sadness felt at the Karacaahmet Cemetery through this application, revealing the average feeling of the place. Thus, the most dominant emotion of the place comes to the forefront. It also means the spirit of that place."

Pointing out that every soul has a place that pleases them and that people can go places that reflect the emotion they want to the feel the most, Akgül stressed that this reveals the concept of "emotion tourism".

Highlighting that this concept entered the world literature with "CheckFeel", Akgül continued: "For example, someone wants to write poetry and needs a very emotional atmosphere that day. This mobile app will show the most emotional place around him. The person will go to the appropriate places around him when he wants to brew up his sadness. If that person wants to get rid of that feeling, then he can go to a place with a high rate of joy. So, people will be more aware of their own feelings, and they will keep their emotional backgrounds. They will notice how they feel during which days, seasons, and hours of the year." Noting that emotional backgrounds of places will emerge like those of people, Akgül said, "For example, criteria such as in which places German tourists, Russian tourists or Arab tourists are happy will come to the fore. We can then direct those people to the locations they are happy in. We will also enable them to give feedback to places of unhappiness. So, we will bring out happy cities from happy people. Happy cities will also bring out happy people. Our goal is to contribute to people having a happier life."

Akgül said that the application could be downloaded to smartphones, tablets and computers from play stores and "" website, while the second version will have Turkish, German, English and Arabic options.

Through the program that can be used anywhere in the world, Akgül said that people who see the places of emotion that they want can travel by making plans. "A person who has not experienced the emotion of 'awe' will be able to see the place where this experience is most intense on the atlas and travel to that place. A person who has experienced the emotion of enthusiasm very little will be able to see the world's most enthusiastic place and travel to that place thanks to this program. It is possible to give more examples," Akgül said.

Informing that the project is initiated by Kim Psikoloji, carried out by Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University, supported by Istanbul Development Agency, and sponsored by Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Culture Inc., Turkcell, Turkish Airlines (THY) and Mental Health Association Akgül said, "THY has become one of our sponsors because emotion tourism is brought into the world literature for the first time and it is an institution for tourism. Maybe people from various parts of the world will come here when we introduce [Turkey] as the country where the most beautiful emotions are experienced and turn Istanbul into the city of emotional discovery. For example, they can come to Eyüp Sultan to experience peace and awe."

Galata Tower

According to Akgül, the fact that sunrise can be watched from the Maiden's Tower in romanticism and emotional environment can be seen with this program, and that entertainment dominates Beyoğlu, while Atatürk Airport is mostly surrounded by reunion, joy and sadness.

Stressing that every place has a spirit while each spirit has a place that can please them, Akgül said, "For the first time in the world, we have launched the application of combining location and emotion. We also got its patents."

Underlining that the fact that spirit and emotional integrity is more important than the visible features of the place and that the soul is noble and the venue is a surrogate can be seen in the Çanakkale monument, Akgül noted that first a soul was formed here and then it turned into a place.

Akgül, pointing out that the spirit can preserve its presence even if the place is gone, said, "For example, it is the feeling of the coffee that remains forty years, not the taste."

Akgül stated that the most important feature that distinguishes human beings from other living things is the emotions, and that travel preferences can be done according to the spirit of the place, adding that they use CheckFeel since it is a universal program and put Mevlana's figure of whirling dervish and the symbol of psychology on the logo.

Akgül stressed that they created the project with domestic software and the attention of the Turkish people is very important, explaining the course of the program with examples in social media.

Informing that the number and variety of emotions shared is reflected on the statistics in the software, Akgül said, "In the application, you can search for any person or place and find the ones that share your feelings. You can also search for places that best reflect your feelings. The display shows where the feelings shared by a profile are shared. The atlas of emotion is something similar."

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