Turkish-made goods on display in Sao Paulo

Published 20.06.2017 23:47

The entrepreneurial spirit of the Turkish people knows no boundaries or borders. A group of Turkish shopkeepers living in Brazil's Sao Paulo initiated "Expo Turkey" at one of the shopping malls in the city last year, and this year they seem to be determined to continue the event.

The shopkeepers display and sell the type of products that are mainly sold at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Their aim is to promote Turkey as well as the Grand Bazaar.

Speaking to the press, İbrahim Zamur, one of the Turkish shopkeepers living in the city, said the event is set to continue for a month. "Throughout this event, we aim to promote Turkey-made authentic goods such as hand-woven carpets and rugs, tiles and porcelain from Kütahya," he said.

Another businessman, Tahsin Cansiz, said organizing events like these help locals to get to know other places more easily. Stressing the importance of promoting Turkey, Cansız said: "We have a chance to promote Turkey in Brazil. We can also do it in other places around the world. We have unique art forms, artworks and goods. We can do anything."

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