Tourists, locals flock to newly opened Van Lake beach

VAN, Turkey
Published 03.08.2017 00:11
Updated 03.08.2017 00:12
Tourists, locals flock to newly opened Van Lake beach

The public beach on the shore of Van Lake established by the Edremit Municipality of Van province is attracting great attention from the public.

People from Van and Iranian tourists visiting the public beach in the Dilkaya neighborhood enjoy both cooling down in the lake and watching the sunset.

Thanks to the beach, which has sun beds, umbrellas, shower cabins, a swimming platform and canoes, people can have a joyful day with friends and families.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), District Governor and Deputy Mayor Atıf Çiçekli expressed pleasure about supplying the district with such a beautiful facility.

Explaining that they offer free services to people at the public beach, Çiçekli said: "Our public beach has been open for 10 days. We tried to supply our people with a lot of services for them to enjoy their time thanks to the family beach and two other ones just for women and men."

Offering a prayer room service in addition to security, the beach also has female and male lifeguards along with a free parking area. The beach has seen 10,000 visitors since it opened. There will also be facilities like camping, beach volleyball, table tennis and paddleboats in the following days, officials say.

Visitor Harun Altın said he was unable to swim at the lake before, as there was never a suitable facility.

Altın said: "I came to the beach with my children and we had a beautiful day. We regained Van Lake. It really makes us happy to see our people have joyful times in such a beautiful and safe environment. The facility founded by the municipality is also beautiful."

Another visitor, Sinan Yılmaz, said the beach still lacks some things as it is quite new, and added: "With the completion of the shortages, the facility will be a super spot as Van Lake is the largest lake in Turkey and a few more facilities like this will make us happy."

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