Video games might be an Olympic branch by 2024

Published 15.08.2017 23:04

France will conduct negotiations with the representatives of the International Olympics Committee (IOC) and sports competitions on video games' integration into the Olympic Games, even moving e-games into the medal system.

Paris, one of the member cities for the 2024 Olympic Games, wants to integrate electronic games into the Olympics.

Co-chairman of France Olympic Committee, Tony Estanguet stated that they will negotiate with the representatives of sports competitions and the IOC on integrating video games into the Olympics and awarding them medals.

"We have to deal with this issue as it wouldn't be true to say that we have nothing to do with video games," said Estanguet.

Stressing that young people connect closely with e-games, Estanguet added, "The process on the issue will be understood better by bringing the IOC and electronic sports representatives together."

Electronic sports have previously been integrated into the schedule at the Asia Games. This branch is expected to host medal contests in the 2022 Asia Games. The decision on electronic sports integration to the Olympic Games is up to the IOC.

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