Arsenal star Özil confuses Ottoman sultans during London home tour

Published 30.09.2017 11:42
Updated 30.09.2017 12:01
Photo courtesy of Hypebeast
Photo courtesy of Hypebeast

Arsenal midfielder and German national player Mesut Özil has mixed up the names of Ottoman sultans, while giving a tour of his luxury London house for the fashion label Hypebeast.

Özil, who is of Turkish origin, mistook a portrait of Selim III for Mehmed II, who conquered Istanbul - known as Constantinople at that time - bringing an end to the Eastern Roman Empire.

The football star showed his £10 million ($13.4 million) six bedroom estate, which is reportedly decked out in Turkish marble.

The house includes a separate PlayStation room, a cinema room and a dressing room, which houses a huge shoe collection with high-end brands like Yeezy, Louis Vuitton and Louboutin.

The footballer, who is also an ambassador for Mercedes Benz, showed off his small collection, including an S-Class coupe AMG and a G-Class utility vehicle.

Özil, who is currently dating former Miss Turkey Amine Gülşe, will run out his contract with the British giant Arsenal this summer.

Experts said that there was little indication for a renewal of Özil's contract, leading to increased speculations that say the 28-year-old midfielder is going to leave the club at the end of the season.

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