Aegean coasts' residents come together for festival

Published 05.10.2017 19:43

The fourth edition of the Germiyan Festival, which brings together the second generations of families that were exchanged between Chios, Greece and Çeşme, Turkey due to the 1923 population exchange, takes place Oct. 7-8 in Çeşme İzmir.

From the bakery to the coffee house of the village and the homes of residents, the entire village will be the festival area. The festival promotes famous Germiyan bread and other local products and offers visitors traditional bread-making methods and traditional kitchenware in addition to nostalgic photographs and clothes of the village. Thanks to the event, locals have a chance to sell their own products.

In addition to bread baking, homemade soap and kopanisti (a kind of cheese) workshops, which are free, the festival will offer gastronomy conversations, a bread baking contest, exhibitions and concerts. There will also be a traditional henna night, marriage and wedding dinner in the village. The event will start with the opening of booths of local products.

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