Belgrade Forest’s Deer Run race this Sunday

Published 12.10.2017 23:53
Updated 12.10.2017 23:54
Belgrade Forest’s Deer Run race this Sunday

Istanbul's Belgrade Forest will be the setting for amateur and professional athletes joining this year's second Deer Run, an designated for nature and sports enthusiasts

Giving professional and amateur athletes an opportunity to enjoy a Sunday of nature and sports, the Adidas Deer Run is set to take place in Istanbul's Belgrad Forest on Oct. 15.

The forest, which has a unique running track, is also one of the few places where you can easily get away from Istanbul's everyday chaos and take a breath of fresh air.

Sponsored by Adidas for the third time, the Deer Run, which takes place three times a year in summer, autumn and winter, will feature four different courses for 4K, 14K and 28K and Bambi race events.

The participants will be required to follow a marked route and pass through checkpoints. The races include several steeps and long ascend as well as a few muddy, slippery, rocky and wet passes while prevailing weather conditions might make the course even more challenging. So it is always a good idea to come prepared for the worst.

Unlike its main running events, the Bambi Run will be organized for children below the age of 12 divided into three age groups. The aim of the race is to encourage children to do sports and appreciate nature.

Children between four and six will run a 200-meter course but all Bambis are winners so the organizers have decided not to hold a presentation ceremony but take group photos to mark the event. Interested parents will also be allowed to run with their children.

Children between seven and nine, on the other hand, will run 300 meters and the first three will stand on a podium.

The future runner Bambis, children between the ages 10 and 12, will compete for the first three places on a 500-meter course.

Once the adults and children finish the courses, the runners will be welcomed by the "Table of Deer" at the famous tunnel of offerings.

Before starting the run, the athletes will attend a warmup session conducted by Adidas Runners coaches. The runners will also attend a Deer Party.

The Deer Run is expected to welcome some 1,300 spectators, sports lovers, and former Deer Runners.

The Deer Run

Sponsored by global sportswear giant Adidas, the worldwide running movement Adidas Runners was launched in Istanbul this year. It claims to be more than a running club and has "Run Hard, Party Hard," as its motto.

Revived by Adidas this year, the Deer Runs offer a chance to experience nature through a unique course. It offers an unforgettable experience for running devotees and adventurers. The Adidas Deer Runs come with comparatively lesser health risk as they usually take place of natural, soft ground.

Statistics show that one out of every three participants in the Deer Runs is women and one out of every three participants is a first-time runner. The number of women participants is increasing since 2013 when the 4K run was introduced for first-time runners. It now attracts the most number of women to participate.

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