Young people from different countries together to learn Turkish

Published 19.07.2018 21:18
Updated 19.07.2018 21:19
Young people from different countries together to learn Turkish

The Yunus Emre Institute (YEE) kicked off its Turkish Summer School program for the ninth time on July 16. During the program, youth from around the world, including Indonesia, Algeria, the Caribbean, El Salvador, Germany and Greece, will gather in Turkey.

Young people from different cultures, religions, languages and races will participate in Turkish language lessons and learn about the country's culture during the program. Discussing the idea that different cultures can interact without discrimination through the Turkish Summer School, YEE President Şeref Ateş said: "Obstacles that individual countries cannot overcome dissipate with the help of programs like this. There are many young people who are curious about our culture around the world. We see this curiosity as an opportunity to introduce ourselves and make cultural bridges. Is this not cultural diplomacy? Youth are powerful enough to completely remove obstacles that cannot be overcome. The future is in their hands. We hope to host thousands of young people in Turkey and contribute to cultural exchange."

Their common passion is Turkish

The Turkish Summer School program enables individuals from societies around the world to mingle by introducing them not only to Turkey's culture and native language, but also to each other. Turkish is the primary language spoken by all the participants throughout the program. The students, who will be hosted in different cities in Turkey, will be able to develop and practice their Turkish by attending courses and seminars given by academics from famous universities. They will also have chances to explore the natural beauty and historic sites of their host regions. All the guest students' expenses, including their tickets, are covered by the YEE throughout the program. The program will continue until Aug. 12.

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