Industrial divers: Astronauts of the sea

Published 19.11.2018 18:59
Updated 21.11.2018 00:55
Industrial divers: Astronauts of the sea

Undergraduate students from İskenderun Technical University Vocational School of Maritime Underwater Technology Department complete their practical training in a gravity-free environment, like astronauts in the sea, on the Research Vessel İste-1.

The number of industrial divers has gradually increased. The areas they work in include: underwater construction, repairing ships in water, survey works, underwater search and rescue operations, submarine pipeline and communication line installation, submarine pipeline maintenance and repair works, decompression chamber use, diving project developments and diving events. The students of the department of Underwater Technology of İskenderun University make the 10-day sea voyage four times in their two-year training period. After completing their education, they graduate from the university as "industrial divers."

While the students dive at the 10-day training camp, they learn about sea creatures and marine meteorology, and increase their diving experience.

Necdet Uygur, the head of the Maritime Underwater Technology Department, said that professional industrial divers work in deep and mostly cloudy water. Therefore, they make the students dive in real environments. Uygur stressed that the students increase their experience this way.

Noting they cook their own meals throughout the camp period, the head of the department added that they catch their fish and learn rules for life on board. "For example, we have a saying: ‘Sailors' shower.' We should take a shower in five minutes. The students learn water should not be wasted while they are on board. Therefore, they experience a simulation of real environments in this camp," he continued.

An undergraduate student, Onur Alaca said that the reason why he chose this department is because of his love for the sea.Explaining only six universities have a department of underwater technology in Turkey, Alaca mentioned, "Only İskenderun Technical University has the opportunities such as a diving tower, underwater mechanic workshops, console system, boats belonging to the university and camp organization every period. This is why I preferred this school." He said that he chose the department because of the job opportunities and high wages after graduation and highlighted that he can work on petrol platforms, in underwater construction, welding, cutting and in-water surveys at home and abroad.

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