What your sleep position says about you

Published 19.02.2019 00:06
What your sleep position says about you

One day you may wake up and find yourself all over the bed or stuck on one side, barely having moved from the position you first fell asleep in. As your body language tells a lot about you, your sleeping position tells a lot about your mood and psychology, given the fact that you spend one-third of your lifetime sleeping, according to an article published in the Handbook of Clinical Neurology. Although it is not unusual to have different types of sleeping positions before falling asleep, scientists discovered that there is one position that a person feels safe, secure and relaxed in while sleeping.

The fetal position, when you curl your knees to your chest, is believed to be adopted by those sleepers looking for comfort in their lives. These people are usually very tough on the outside but soft and emotional on the inside and during their sleep, they look for comfort that they do not allow themselves to receive during the day.

Side sleepers are among the most common ones. Side sleepers are believed to be easy going and open minded. But the side you are sleeping on is also important for your health. Left-side sleeping may improve heartburn symptoms. On the other hand, right-side sleeping is better for your heart as you do not add any pressure on your most important organ.

Freefallers, meaning those who sleep on their stomach are thought to be outgoing but also very anxious. Although it is not a very comfortable position for some people, freefallers usually find themselves in this position in the morning even if they did not go to sleep as such. However, though it is relaxing for some, lying on your stomach comes with neck problems as well.

The opposite of freefallers are back sleepers, which reveal that they have high expectation for themselves and others around them. They may have high expectations, but back sleepers cannot help but snore most of the time. Similar to back sleepers are the star-gazers who cross their arms on the back of their heads while sleeping on their backs. These people are considered to be excellent friends who put their friends and loved ones before anything and anyone else.

Well, if you are not sleeping like positions mentioned above, then you are a freestyler, a person who sleeps all over the bed throughout the night. Freestylers are believed to be outgoing and restless. However, sleeping all over the bed is a very good thing for your body. Since these people move all around throughout the day, their muscles are prone to relax more during sleep and their hormone release is healthier compared to those who sleep in the same position all night.

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