Baristas to work their magic in Barista Clash

Published 15.03.2019 01:17
Thirty-two baristas will compete in the Barista Clash competition.
Thirty-two baristas will compete in the Barista Clash competition.

Amateur and professional baristas who trust their talents will work their coffee magic in five categories at the Barista Clash competition, to be organized by Dream Sales Machine on March 23 at UNIQ Istanbul Glass Room. Those who want to attend this competition, where quality coffee, music and various other events will also take place, can buy tickets on the dsm bilet website.

The baristas that will compete before the jury comprising of significant figures from the fashion, art and music world along with authorities of the coffee sector will face off against each other for the title. Thirty-two barista clash competitors will compete in five different categories. The winner of the competition will receive a La Marzocco Linea Mini home espresso machine and TL 10,000, while the second one will receive a TL 2,500 cash prize.

Barista Clash, a delightful competition platform that enables baristas to demonstrate their talents, brings together barista candidates who set out with a passion for coffee, coffee industry employees, people who are aiming to make a career in this sector and those who want to know more about coffee under the same roof. It aims to add value to the coffee industry by focusing on the needs and wishes of baristas and showing the importance of baristas in the sector, as well as to spread desire and excitement about coffee and the barista profession.

Hayal Makinası (Dream Machine) Inc.'s story started when a dreamer team which had produced thousands of projects in marketing, event management, direct marketing and integrated marketing fields established a new agency at the end of 2016. The Dream Sales Machine was the name of the new brand.

Dream Sales Machine is a community of diverse educational, cultural and professional groups. They focus on the topics of humans, experiences and brands. Dream Sales Machine works on creating a difference between technological marketing fictions that has reached quick momentum in the last 10 years in brand and human communication and is inspiring in the event industry. It has a team that builds human-oriented (not brand-oriented) projects on multi-brand experiences and individual platforms.

Istanbul Coffee Festival, Ankara Coffee Festival and Istanbul Comics and Art Festival are the other organizations of Dream Sales Machines.

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