Patiliköy, a safe haven in Ankara for stray dogs

Published 10.11.2019 16:03
(AA Photo)
(AA Photo)

Founded in 2011 upon the initiative of Ankara-based animal lover Volkan Koç, Patiliköy (paw village in English) is home to 400 stray dogs who are in need of health care and love.

When Koç first started to build a safe haven for the stray dogs, he had 40 guests in his shelter. However, in time, the number of dogs increased and in eight years, Koç began to take care of 400 dogs with the help of other animal lovers.

"We have made a dog house for each of our residents. We have also tents and prefabricated house for them to come and get warm during winter. In summer, they can go in to our huge pool and cool off. We have also special places for elderly dogs as well as new moms and their kittens. These services help them to maintain more comfortable lives," said Koç, adding they have dedicated their lives for the well-being of the stray dogs.

Koç's Patiliköy is also open for visits for animal lovers from all over the world. "This village can only stay strong as long as other people show love and support to these dogs. We are in need of volunteers. We have a lot of disabled dogs living here in Patiliköy. They would love some care and love," said Koç.

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