Nearly 15,000 Syrian children killed in the civil war

Published 18.04.2014 00:00
Updated 18.04.2014 22:15
Nearly 15,000 Syrian children killed in the civil war

ISTANBUL — A London-based human rights group said about 14,629 children died in the three years of conflict in Syria, 2.1 million Syrian children suffer lack of food and health issues and millions fled their homes. Despite these staggering numbers, there seems no end to the bloodshed in sight. According to the group, at least 35,000 children have been born as refugees due to the conflict.

With tensions remaining high in the country, Syrian President Bashar Assad seems firmly in power, with more than 150,000 dead. The conflict has many negative effects on Syrian children, who are psychologically and physically harmed. According to the report, 3.5 million children had to leave school since the conflict erupted. Many lost their families and are orphans.

Almost every Syrian paid a price during the war, with many living in miserable living conditions.

"In other parts of the world, people raise their children in very good conditions, while the Syrian children are not as lucky as them in the fourth year of the war," said Ahmed Jakal, a member of the Political Committee of the Syrian National Coalition. "Since the start of the war, 14,629 children lost their lives. When we think of mothers and fathers who love their children more than anything, stay awake at nights for them, send their children to school every day with hope, it is impossible to not get sad. The situation is unbearable for parents who shield themselves in order to protect their children from any harm."

Jakal noted that some of those children were tortured to death and many were killed with barrel bombs and missiles. "It is very tragic that those children, who should be educated and raised according to international laws and declarations of human rights, are victims of the state terrorism in Syria," said Jakal. "What is more, the aforementioned figure covers only the documented deaths. There are many lost children whose fates are unknown."

Jakal said many children were kidnapped by human trafficking syndicates and 2.1 million children are struggling for their lives in generally unpleasant and unhealthy conditions in camps both inside and outside Syria.

"Some of our children, who are our hopes for the future, have not been receiving education for three years," Jakal lamented. "In some regions, infant paralysis and contagious diseases are common. What is worse is the tragedy of children who are kidnapped by human traffickers and whose organs are sold. After three years, we are at a point where universal rules are wiped out and the humanitarian values are wrecked. Humanity failed. The slaughter of dozens of thousands of children is the shameful and dark period in world history. The suffering of the Syrian children is the most sorrowful and unfortunate tragedy of humanity."

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