Opposition groups seize two DAESH-held villages in Syria

Published 18.01.2016 00:00

Syrian opposition forces seized two DAESH-held villages in northern Aleppo on Saturday, local sources in Aleppo told Anadolu Agency (AA).

Sources say the Liwa Sultan Murad Brigade and Mutasim Billah Brigade took control of Ghazai and al-Khelfatki after fierce clashes with DAESH militants, killing six extremists and destroying many of the terrorist organization's vehicles.

Opposition groups have also reportedly taken control of the village of Dodian on Sunday and continue their advancement toward Jarabulus.

With the control of Dodian, it is expected that DAESH might have to retreat from seven other villages in the area. The largest Turkmen village in the region, Cobanbey, remains another objective unless opposition groups' progress is repelled. The village constitutes an important passing route for the Jarabulus-centered attacks. After the PKK's Syrian affiliate Democratic Union Party (PYD) took control of the Tishrin Dam from DAESH, the nearby town of Manbij has become a possible destination for opposition groups.

Opposition groups are currently conducting an operation to take all DAESH-held Turkmen villages in an 80-kilometer line around Jarabulus where the PYD has made efforts to control. Turkey is maintaining its support for the anti-DAESH offensives with howitzer fire. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu noted on Thursday that around 500 artillery rounds were fired at DAESH positions in the 48 hours following the suicide bombing in Istanbul, killing 200 terrorists in total, including so-called regional chiefs.

Since the operations started on Jan. 9, opposition groups have continued to make progress against DAESH, seizing control of several villages with 1,200 men from the Liwa Sultan Murad Brigade, Shamiya Front and the Sham Legion.

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