Emir of Dubai Al Maktoum in shock at empty state office

Published 28.08.2016 15:28
Updated 28.08.2016 15:30

Emir of Dubai Rashid Al Maktoum's visit to a state agency on Sunday did not go quite as planned. When the Emir arrived on the first workday of the week in Dubai, he found an empty office, absent of anyone working.

Al Maktoum makes regular visits to the state offices belonging to the Ministry of Economy Development in Dubai but the office was empty of civil servants on this particular day he visited.

Finding no one in the office, the Emir was forced to walk around an empty space. A video released on social media, which shows the surreal walk-about, has attracted much attention.

It's known that the Emir usually visits state agencies at the very beginning of the day.

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