Jordan scales down diplomatic ties with Qatar, closes Al-Jazeera office in Amman

Published 06.06.2017 23:38
Updated 06.06.2017 23:45

Jordan will downgrade its diplomatic representation with Qatar, it said on Tuesday, after examining the "cause of the crisis" between Doha and several other Arab states.

Jordan also revoked the license of Doha-based TV channel Al Jazeera, government spokesman Mohammad al Momani said.

Saudi Arabia is a key financial backer of Jordan.

Momani said in a statement that the decision was made to ensure regional stability, coordinate the policies of Arab countries and "end the crises in our region."

At the beginning of the week, the decision by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and Libya to freeze all diplomatic ties with Qatar stunned the world, sparking another crisis in the already conflict-ridden region.

The Gulf countries that have severed ties with Qatar accuse the small country of backing extremists and forging close ties with Iran.

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