Iraqi forces capture Shiite shrine in Daesh-held Tal Afar

Published 25.08.2017 23:43

Iraqi forces have captured a prominent shrine revered by Shiite Muslims in Iraq's northern Tal Afar district from the Daesh terrorist group, a top army commander said on Friday.

"Army units, together with Hashd al-Shaabi fighters, have entirely liberated Tal Afar's southern Al-Jazeera neighborhood, including the shrine of Khader Elias," Army Lieutenant-General Abdul-Amir Yarallah, who is leading the campaign to retake the district, said in a statement.

Iraqi forces backed by a U.S.-led coalition launched fresh military operations on Sunday aimed at decisively wresting Tal Afar from the grip of the terrorist group.

A largely Shiite fighting force, the Hashd al-Shaabi was incorporated into the Iraqi army last year and now fights alongside regular army troops in the ongoing campaign to extirpate Daesh from the country.

"Army troops and Hashd fighters also stormed Tal Afar's eastern Al-Mahlabiya neighborhood on Friday," Police First Lieutenant Bahaa al-Mobahi told Anadolu Agency (AA).

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