Castrol Ford Team Turkey wins First European Championship

Published 08.10.2017 00:00
Updated 08.10.2017 19:16
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DHA Photo

Castrol Ford Team Turkey won the nation its first car racing championship at the European Rally Championship in Latvia.

The final leg of the championship, the Liepaja Rally, consisted of eight races, four asphalt, and four dirt.

The team won a total of 153 points in the competition organized by the International Federation of Automobile Sports (FIA).

"This is the greatest achievement to date in motorsports in Turkey," said team manager Serdar Bostancı. "In the past, we won the UEFA cup for automobile sports. This time we won the Champions League. We still cannot believe we are the champions."

Castrol Ford Team Turkey is a six-time winner of the Turkish Rally Championship for Manufacturers and also claimed the title the Turkish Rally Champions for Drivers four times.

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